Hi Arthur,
We got the forms and business cards, they are great, thank you very much :)

Best Regards;

Protax Returns

Thanks Arthur – they look good. 
Thanks so much for rushing this through. 

Catholic Schools Office

Recieved my business cards from you on Wednesday. They look very professional which is just what I needed. Thankyou very much.

CM - WHS Consultant - Safe Side Consulting

They look amazing, thanks Arthur!


Director & Founder



Land of Plenty Food Co.


The invoice has been paid by direct debit.


All received today, that look wonderful, we can’t thank you enough for your excellent customer service and delivery.


Catherine Gordon

Maroondah Volleyball

Very impressed with cards! Thanks very much!

Phil - Cabbage Tree

Thanks Arthur, that's very generous of you to do that, especially at this time of year. Warm regards, Victoria

Victoria Greenlees Oils of Ayurveda

Hi Arthur & Heather,

I hope you are both well.  Now that the new financial year is just around the corner I would like to update my double sided A6 flyers.  I will leave it to you to make suggestions on the finer details, but essentially a similar format to last year as they were very successful. 

I need to update the pricing and remove the facebook link as I don’t use a facebook page any longer.  I am happy to keep everything else the same.

Please give me a call to discuss further when it is convenient for you.

Kind Regards,

Andrew Austin CA

Bayside Accounting

printed maps received today; thank you for a job well done.

I - Parish Support Unit

Good Afternoon Heather and Arthur,

I just wanted to let you know the invoice has been paid.

You guys were amazing from the start till the end and we are very happy with the cards.

Thank you so much for everything, have a wonderful Xmas and safe NEW YEAR!!!

Kind regards,

Daniela Mifsud

Aspire Property Agents

Dear Arthur,

The package arrived safely on Friday, and the final result looks great! Thank you so much for your work :)


Kind regards,

Jennifer Luo 

The Actuarial Society of UNSW

Thanks! One of the many reasons why I like doing business with you.     

Best Regards,


Institute for Applied Behavior Analysis

Thank you......for all your hard and very efficient work for us- you have done so much, so well under great pressure. We are all deeply grateful. Blessings to you, MB and all the girls.

Emmaus Productions

Thanks for the referral pads, I was very impressed with the service from start to finish. Could you give me a quote on the attached double sided A4 flyer in color, 160gsm For the following: 3000 copies 5000 copies 10000 copies and turn around times...


You are without doubt the best in the business!

Warm regards,


Ku-ring-gai Greens


Just a quick note to thank you so much for the quick turn around – we couldn’t believe it actually!   Perfect result.Thanks


Awesome print job!!! Thank you so much. Just wanted to confirm that 2 cases of the blue print outs will be going direct to Port Macquarie Glasshouse attention to Rachael Mensworth set to arrive on the 16th of July? I have forwarded a request to the treasurer to pay the remaining invoice. We'll be sure to keep the orders running through you guy's in the future. Thanks so much!!!

A C - Courage to Care

I received the swing tags yesterday. They look great!! Thank you so much for rushing that through for me. Your service was exceptional and I will definitely be back with any other printing we require. Can I just check if the postcards are ready and have been sent too?

Holly Lawrence - PawBag

Many thanks for your prompt service. We will need to get another lot run off for another new consultant but will be in touch once we have the artwork for those ready.

AM - GP Technology Solutions

Thank you for your great communication. We have received the booklets and they are great. Thank you so much for your services.

Many Thanks

B - Take Two Marketing and Events